Outreach & Missions

Serve In Outreach

As Christians we are called to "seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves. " St. Thomas' lives into this call by reaching out to our neighbors, far and near. 

Outreach Programs:
Food Pantry distributes food each week on Thursdays from 2:30 - 5:00 pm. Volunteers assist in procurement, organization, hospitality, and distribution. Contact Liz Pearce at 804-228-8700 for information on volunteering and information about Gleaning from Food Lion.

CARITAS- Once or twice a year, for one week each, St. Thomas' serves homeless in CARITAS Shelter Programs, by hosting Emergency Shelters for traveling Single Adults at CARITAS Center (opening in 2020). Volunteers serve homeless by preparing and serving meals, preparing bag lunches to go, by doing laundry, and providing transportation to showers. Volunteers also help with set up or clean up for the week and with evening activities for our guests. Contact Margaret Woody at 804-836-6166 for more information.

City Jail Support  is offered by donating magazines and paperback books to women and men in Richmond City Jail. In December, we also donate postage stamps, stationery, and Christmas cards as a way for jail residents to connect with loved ones they are separated from. Periodically we also collect underwear, toiletries, and socks. Contact Margaret Woody at 804-836-6166.

St. Thomas' Day School is one of our primary outreach ministries.  Serving children ages 2 - 5 through a play curriculum, the Day School is a resource for children and families. For more information, contact Kelly Kane at 804-321-9548, ext. 14, or kkane@stthomasrichmond.org.

The Micah Initiative is a tutoring and mentoring program aimed at Richmond City elementary school children. Started by Richmond Hill, it is supported by our community volunteers. You can find more on The Micah Initiative website to see how you can help or contact Landon Woody at 804-929-7243.


Stations of the Cross  takes place in the afternoon on Good Friday.  Together with other Northside Churches, St. Thomas' walks the Stations of the Cross and prays along a portion of Brookland Park Boulevard.

Concerned Northside Congregations  partnering with Northside Congregations to offer fellowship, and pastoral care for our neighbors with severe mental and physical disabilities, who reside in group homes on Chamberlayne Avenue: The O’Brien Home, The Humphrey Home, and The Palace. Please contact Margaret Woody at 804-836-6166.

Autastic Avenues is for enriching learning through activities and stimulation for children with Autism. It is Saturday mornings, from 9:00 - Noon. Contact Kim Kacani for information.

In Sharing Space

Central Richmond Region of Diocese of VA: Clergy Gatherings. Contact Margaret Woody, St. Thomas' Delegate at 804-836-6166 or Liz Pearce, St. Thomas' Alternate Delegate at 804-321-9548.

Autastic Avenues: Supports Parents and Children with Autism. Contact Kim Kacani at  804-387-8886.

Capital Brass: A professional brass ensemble who we provide rehearsal space to on a weekly basis. Members have also performed for the parish during worship.

Impromptu RVA: A local community choir with whom we share a space for them to rehearse throughout the year. We have also hosted their fabulous concerts.

Girl Scouts: We currently host two meetings per month for Girl Scout Troop 43. 

In Collecting Things to Share (Collection bins are in the Parish Hall Foyer)

Children's Books for the Food Pantry

Food Items for the Food Pantry

School Supplies for the YMCA Bright Beginnings

Toiletries for Food Pantry and Women in Richmond Justice Center

Coins for Outreach Loose change in the offering plate is collected for St. Thomas' Outreach ministries.