The Day School consists of three large classrooms, two storage rooms, and a large playground.  The Church’s Parish Hall is used as an “indoor gym” on days when the weather is not suitable for outdoor play.  The school owns and continually updates a large collection of educational materials, toys, and books.  Art, Music, and Movement are strongly emphasized throughout the day.  Food service is not offered at St. Thomas’ Day School.  Families are asked to send in a simple, nutritious, “Nut Free” snack and lunch if staying.    


Scholarships are available.


St. Thomas’ Day School was established in the 1960’s when Helen Reid Parker brought her play school to St. Thomas’ Church located at 3602 Hawthorne Ave.  Today, we serve up to 43 children ages 2-5 with no more than 4 children under the age of 2 ½ at any given time.  Classes are available Monday-Friday from 9:00 am -noon.  Early Arrival starting at 8:30 am and/or Extended Day until 1:00 pm (This has been adjusted for the year 2020/2021 and may return to 2pm in the  future)  may be added for an additional fee.  The Day School follows the Religiously Exempt guidelines which includes background checks, fingerprinting, and our staff is certified annually by a physician or other approved medical staff that the employee is free from any disability which would prevent them from caring for children under their supervision.  A person or persons trained and certified in first aid and CPR are present at the school and playground whenever children are present.  The Day School also has public liability insurance.


St. Thomas' Day school will be closed until further notice.If you have any question please contact Kelly Kane, Director @


"We love and miss you all!"


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