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About Us

Come worship with us, share in our fellowship and ministry. All are welcome.

St. Thomas' is an inclusive and diverse Christ-centered faith community in the Episcopal (Anglican) tradition. We come from many different backgrounds and perspectives, sharing a common commitment to growing faith and love of God and neighbor. We are dedicated to knowing about Christ and making him known. 

St. Thomas' Episcopal Church is part of the Diocese of Virginia, one of the largest diocese in the country. There are over 189 congregations serving under the leadership of Bishop Shannon S. Johnston. We are a middle sized Episcopal church.

Looking around the pews on any Sunday morning at St. Thomas, one is likely to see people ranging in age from 2 weeks to 100 years. We don't have statistics, because that would be putting people into categories, which is not in line with the concept of open acceptance and non judgment to which St. Thomas is so committed. It is, however, likely that any newcomer or visitor would find another congregant at St. Thomas with whom they had something in common. 

This is a congregation that values being together in community and celebrates our human diversity. Whether you are young or old, married or single, baptized or unbaptized, or simply from another part of God's church we welcome your visit. We offer you hospitality and hope you will find your time with us enriching.

Come worship with us, and share in our fellowship and ministry. Tell us what it is you seek. Here, the young are celebrated, senior members enjoyed, young adults appreciated, families embraced, singles valued, longevity of membership respected, and newcomers welcomed. We enjoy each other and look forward to the opportunity to know you should you choose to find you home with us.

Where We are Going 

We seek to be a compassionate presence in our neighborhood and at large, deepening our own faith and experience through the welcoming of newcomers and service of the poor, the hungry, the young, and all seeking wholeness of life and spirit.

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