I'm New Here: What to Expect

First and foremost know we are delighted to welcome you to our congregation.

That welcome is expressed through the provision of the full text of our services, including music and instructions designed to help you feel comfortable. Contrary to rumor, we don’t all do things exactly the same and exactly at the same time so you don’t have to worry whether you are “doing it right.” Know we are more concerned about you as a person than about appearances (and that includes our building!).

On Sunday mornings we are a rather noisy lot and are clear that we gather not to provide our own little private time with God but to celebrate and give thanks to God for bringing us together and blessing our lives. Our worship is beautiful and gives the glory to God through words, actions, music, color, and people. In time, you may well find it home.

You can park on the street and enter through the front door of the church on Walton Avenue or feel free to put your car in the parking lot (behind the church) and enter through those double doors. Signs and people can direct you to the church itself.

We have a wonderful nursery for the very young, and a lively Sunday School for everyone through High School. You are welcome to bring your babies and little ones to services or put them in the nursery. Each service includes a special time for the children.

Please consider staying after the service for refreshments for Coffee Hour. We'd love to meet you and answer any questions you may have! 

All are welcome. Come visit us and see.