Adults @ St. Thomas'

Faith Exploration Class: Every year, St. Thomas' offers a courses for adults who desire to deepen their connection with God, with the parish, and with our Anglican practices, history, and identity. This course offers an opportunity to delve into questions of faith and scripture as well as inquiry into the particular mechanics of worship, church leadership, community, and service. If you are new to St. Thomas', this class is an ideal way to get plugged in. Long-time parishioners also find it a chance to re-examine questions and re-engage with their life of faith. All are welcome to join us on this journey! 

Previous programming includes: Sacred Ground (a series on race and reconciliation), Bible Study, Book groups, Congregational Forums, a year long course on the Bible, Conversations on Grief, and Mental Health First Aid.

Men's Corps: The Men's Corps is a group of men who organize for the purposes of fellowship and service. The big event of the year for St. Thomas' Men's Corps is Oystoberfest. The Men's Corps has been the central organization behind this fun event for over 10 years. Last year we raised over $25,000 for St. Thomas' ministries!  We organize everything from the oysters, to the music stage, to the kids zone, to the volunteers that help put it on. So come on out for fun, fellowship, and helping out your neighbor! The St. Thomas' Men's Corps needs YOU!!! Contact Dan Hicks, Robert Wyant, or Larry Meier for more info.

Women of St. Thomas':  The Women of St. Thomas'  join together in fellowship for speakers, social events, and projects to raise funds for our Anne Woodrum Board Scholarships.  These scholarships are given to high school seniors who have contributed to the life of St. Thomas' over the years.  We have had a variety of fundraiser events such as a silent auction, December Wreath making, selling St. Thomas' Christmas ornaments, and selling Eliza Askin prints of St. Thomas'.  All women are welcome to attend any and all events, and suggestions for speakers and events are encouraged.