Hospitality @ St. Thomas'

Hospitality is a key part of Sunday mornings at St. Thomas'. Each Sunday we have a Coffee Hour after our service. Volunteers are responsible for Coffee Hour on a particular Sunday and sign up through the St. Thomas' Sign Up Genius or by calling the Church Office.  

Volunteers are responsible for bringing snacks and should make a few pots of coffee. The key is to make sure to have enough for the number of folks present! The church provides the coffee, sugar, and sweeteners.  Volunteers should bring a small bottle of creamer. There is lemonade in the cabinets and pitchers of water can also be put out.

There are several events throughout the year that volunteers can help with. Our Parish Administrator always sends out a Sign Up Genius to get support. These events include the Parish Picnic after Mass On The Grass, Ice Cream Social in July, Welcome Back Sunday Breakfast in September, and baptism and funeral receptions.

If anyone is interested in serving, please contact Rad Burt at