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St. Thomas' Day School


For more information, please call Kelly Kane @  804-329-1117 or email

January 2021


Happy New Year!!  We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season!  As you are preparing to come back to school, please remember that if you celebrated the holidays with many people outside of your immediate family or if you traveled to an area that is experiencing a major spike in Covid-19 cases, we encourage you to quarantine and monitor for symptoms.  Thank you for all of your help in keeping the students and staff safe!


What we will do this month:

Before K Class:  Winter, Famous Americans, and learning about the letters M, N, O, & P.

Beginners & intermediate Classes:  The New Year, Winter, Forest Animals, and Jan Brett



* Jan 4th- School Reopens After the Holiday

* Jan 5th- Bi-Yearly Payments Due

* Jan 18th- School Closed

* Inclement Weather Announcements Will Be Sent Through Procare




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