Mutual Ministry Review Recap

A letter from Radcliff Burt, Vestry Warden

One month ago Herbert and the Vestry of St Thomas’ Episcopal Church convened for a mutual ministry review, an important step for the parish for two reasons. One, it is a step necessary toward the conversion of Herbert Jones from Priest in Charge to full-time Rector, assessing the health of the relationship between Herbert and the parish (stay tuned for more information as we continue through this process). Secondly, the MMR is vital to assessing the health of St Thomas globally, simultaneously identifying successes in ministry and areas of immediate need and growth.

Mary Thorpe, an Episcopal Priest who has the Diocesan title “Canon to the Ordinary” and, as such, gives counsel to the Bishop with particular oversight to Ordination, and Clergy and parish program and health, facilitated the Mutual Ministry Review helping Herbert and the Vestry to focus discussion in the areas of stewardship, volunteers, worship, evangelism, pastoral care, and service. Through this thoughtful and thorough process of evaluation we found that St Thomas has a LOT of reasons to celebrate! The church has added new members of varying demographics, our pledges exceeded ALL goals and expectations thanks to the generosity of YOU the parishioners and the tireless and competent work of the stewardship team, and we have developed an exciting and creative worship regimen including fabulous music under the Direction of Jimmy Hicks involving the choir and very talented instrumentalists and vocalists as well as the liturgy, Gospel and message guided by our Priest in Charge, Herbert Jones with support from our intern, Jennifer Lazzuri.

Along with the successes, we identified several areas of immediate need and growth from which the vestry will prioritize and focus on two this church year moving forward. Those areas identified are COMMUNICATION and CHRISTIAN EDUCATION, with particular focus on our youth, from infants to graduating seniors. Meetings of this nature tend to sap one’s energy, but after this 6 hour meeting the vestry was actually ENERGIZED celebrating tremendous growth and excited to work on improving areas of obvious need.

Please stay tuned as we work toward improving ST Thomas’ routes and efficacy of communication and the education programs for our children and adults, including the exciting possibility of hiring an additional Staff member specializing in Christian education who would work with existing staff and volunteers to enhance our current curriculum. If you have any questions further detailing these improvements or ANY questions whatsoever please contact your nearest (any) vestry member; our pictures and info will be on the website and updates will be forthcoming.


Faithfully yours,

Radcliffe Burt, Warden

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