St. Thomas' COVID-19 Response

Dear Members and Friends of St. Thomas',

St. Thomas' will continue practicing social distancing as recommended by the CDC to help stem the tide of COVID-19. We are now closed for in-person worship and gatherings until further notice, but at least through June 10th per Governor Northam's order. While we all do our part to “Flatten the Curve” of COVID-19 and our “in person” time together may be temporarily suspended, we want you to know that St. Thomas is still alive and well as a church community! There are many ways to stay engaged with the church and to keep your financial commitment to St. Thomas'. 


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  • Electronically make your weekly offering as able

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  • Mail your weekly offering to 3602 Hawthorne Ave, Richmond, VA 23222

  • Arrange an automatic payment from your bank to St. Thomas' 


As able, please continue to pay your pledge and offer to God that which has been gifted.  Financial gifts to the church enable St. Thomas' to continue offering our services and ministries to God and the community in this unique time. 


We are living in a time of uncertainty and stress, and it is perfectly natural for us to feel the anxiety that we all feel. But we are also finding ways to be the community of love and support that we are called to be. Pray for each other, reach out if you need help; call us. Know that your church staff is praying for you on a daily basis; pray for us as well. Join us in the offerings we have, such as the Lenten discussions and YouTube videos. We are with you, and God is with us all. May God's peace be with you. 


Since 1907 St. Thomas' has been a home for worship, service, and fellowship in Richmond. We are a place of simple hospitality, and seek to share our communal life with our church, our community, and those in need.

Everyone is welcome.

Quick Links & News

Holy Week Offerings

We are hard at work on offerings for Holy Week next week! Stay tuned to your E-communique for more information. There will be daily video reflections, materials for at-home worship, and more. Click here in the meantime to see Herbert's suggestions on how to set aside a Sacred Space in your home!

Check out our new YouTube Channel!

In light of recent events, we are working on digital offerings to maintain community with each other. Despite our physical distance, we are here for you. One way we're adapting is by the creation of our new YouTube channel, where we will be posting video messages, worship, and more. Click here to check us out!  Our latest addition will be a weekly service of Compline every Wednesday evening.

Restless? Here's a great way for our sewers to pass the time!
We've received a request to help provide Senior Living workers with the necessary PPE that they need to continue to do their work in senior communities.  Specifically they are requesting fabric masks as they are encountering a shortage of the disposable ones.  The CDC recommends that fabric masks when used properly protect up to 73% against viruses. 
Click here to read more about how you can help! Richmond communities are highlighted in yellow. If you have questions, email Kim Kacani for more information!

Carpet Removal and Endowment Fund Shout Out!
Greetings, during this time when we are not having services, we are moving forward with upgrading the flooring in the Sanctuary. This past weekend we removed the old carpet. We are now assessing whether to refinish the floors or re-carpet.  A special thanks to the Endowment Fund for providing the means to perform this upgrade during these unique and challenging times, socially and fiscally. If you can help us manage this change or have advice or recommendations on good flooring contractors, we would appreciate hearing from you!  We would also like to have a parish member present during the times when there are contractors in the church.  No special skills required, other than willingness to help.  We appreciate everyone's support and prayers as we upgrade our worship space.   - The Property Committee


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