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Frank is an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church.   His present ministry includes St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Richmond, where he is the coordinator for the Food Pantry program. This food pantry feeds more than 13,000 people annually.  He also serves as a member of the national faculty of the CREDO Program directed by the Episcopal Church Pension Fund.  This program provides financial, health, vocational and spiritual guidance to bishops, priests and deacons of the Episcopal Church.

Most recently, he is also doing Education & Wellness presentations in Spanish to Episcopal clergy in South America, Central America, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Frank also serves at Westminster Canterbury Richmond where he presides at services in English and Spanish from time to time.

Prior to becoming ordained as a deacon, Frank earned an undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of Florida and a graduate degree from the University of California (Berkeley).  After graduation he worked in the aviation industry with a major manufacturer and later with the Federal Government.

While working in the government he was appointed to lead an effort to develop the national energy policy for President Nixon.  As a result, he was appointed to the cabinet of the governor of Puerto Rico where he founded their Office of Energy. After serving in Puerto Rico he was hired by Kaiser Aluminum to invest money in energy to ameliorate their rising energy costs. 

Investing money became the focus of his later secular years.  He became president of the investment advisory arm of the American Medical Association and finally founded an investment advisory firm in Pennsylvania, registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission that now has assets of almost $500 million under management.  He retired from that firm almost 10 years ago.

From time to time he is still asked to provide advice in energy or investment projects in South America, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Frank is married to Patti, the love of his life.  They have four children and five grand children, and love to travel.  They moved to Virginia recently and live in a 55 and over community in Mechanicsville, VA.


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